Friday, 13 December 2013

Slow Foods First Meet and Greet!

Welcome to the first official blog post and Happy Friday!
Last Wednesday the sfoc committee met YOU, the members. You guys and girls are all about the food! It was wonderful meeting you all and you all came up with some thoughts and suggestions for the society. So in a nutshell, heres what went down:

  • We've found some members to host the first 'Slow Come Dine with Me'. (We wish you the best of luck!!).
  • You loved the idea of cooking classes. We'd like to hear suggestions such as bread, pastry, certain cuisines etc etc. 
  • Keep on sending entries to the competition we're holding. More details here! 
  • Having more socials is definetely a winner with you and us!
  • and one of our members has eaten spider... well you have to try everything once!
Merry Christmas Foodies!
Penny- SFOCP Secretary 

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